Bitcoin Payments, Info & Setup

If your are needing payment help and or information please see below.
Unfortunately Visa card, Mastercard & all other payment cards have cancelled all accounts for all Herbal Incense sales throughout the industry, so we are no longer able to accept credit or debit cards.
We are switching to Bitcoins for all payments. All our stores are open for bitcoin sales.
If you don't have a Bitcoin account, here are some places where you can go, to get set up.
If you have a bank account you can use to make purchases for Bitcoin go to:
If you would want to purchase Bitcoins with a credit / debit card go to:
The above company (xcoins) is more expensive to set up, but it is fast and simple.
The advantage of Bitcoins is we no longer have to limit sales, you can buy as often and as much
as you like, no maximum limit.
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